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* Do you know what the SOA record is in DNS?

Suggested article from our blog: What is SOA (Start of Authority) record?

SOA Record explained:

S - start, O – of, A – authority. It is a DNS Record that shows the beginning of the authority. It will point, which is the authoritative server. You can have just one SOA Record per zone.

Inside the SOA Record, you can find a lot of useful information such as:

  • Serial number - indicates the latest revision
  • Authoritative Nameserver (NS) – the one with the zone file
  • Email of the DNS admin – show the responsible admin for that domain
  • TTL – for the DNS cache time limit for the Recursive DNS servers.

The full list you can find in this article!

If you have a ClouDNS plan, you can easily manage your SOA records.

How to start managing SOA records with ClouDNS?